The Shed

Germination : I use gro smart trays with rock wool  cubes and a standard nursery tray with dome and heat mat when necessary .


IMG_0929 IMG_0934


Seedlings : I use a propagation table I built myself .  It is 2×2 feet and lit with a 2×2 T5 flourescent fixture.


IMG_0466 IMG_0468

Lettuce Nursery : A simple small station I built myself .  It will hold 24 plants .  Lit by a fixture I made myself .



Lettuce Raft : A simple  2′ x4′ box made with 2×6 lumber and lined with plastic.  It holds 12-16 mature plants. Lit wit a 2′ x4′ T5 fixture .

image image

Ebb and Flow : Two 2′ x 4′ boxes made with 2×10 lumber and 3/4 ” plywood for base. These will hold 6-8 full grown vining plants each .  They are lit with a 400Watt HID lamp.


image image

Tomato transplants



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