Custom Nutrient Solution

Nutrient Solution, peppers, Tomato

With the help of HydroBuddy and  This article I have calculated a feeding program for growing tomatoes and peppers in my Central Texas Hydro Shed.  It is a 10×12 shed that is climate controlled to the best of my ability , but during Summer it gets quite warm.  I based my calculations on a great article mentioned above to gradually go from a ” full growth ” formula just after transplanting to a “full bloom ” formula over 5 stages of plant growth.  Feeding schedule does not go by time , but rather by cluster formation on the plants.  The more clusters that form , the more the feeding schedule moves toward a full bloom/fruiting nutrient solution.  There full instructions for making a 3 part or simpler nutrient solution on Daniel Fernandez’s Excellent site .  Reading all of the excellent instructions going from simple to complex solutions is HIGHLY recommended. WithoutHydroBuddy this would have been MUCH more complex !

All of the information needed to do this yourself , including where to by scales and chemicals is on Daniel’s

site !

The reasons for doing this are :

  1. Less expensive
  2. More control over nutrient delivery based on plant stages.
  3. More FUN !

My next plan is to incorporate solar power in the shed ( Currently in beginning stages )


Hydroshed v2.0

Cucumber, peppers
My new Hydro Shed layout . Worked on this after work for the last 3 days . Proud that it was made with my own hands ! 

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I took pictures during construction and will share how I put it together once I have tested the system.  I will add 8 more Dutch Buckets in the next week or so and planning on using those for tomatoes and cucumbers . This is a relatively simple system.  The buckets are filled from the top and as the nutrient solution drains from the bottom it is returned to the nutrient reservoir to be pumped through the fill line again.  This is a recirculating system.