Custom Nutrient Solution

Nutrient Solution, peppers, Tomato

With the help of HydroBuddy and  This article I have calculated a feeding program for growing tomatoes and peppers in my Central Texas Hydro Shed.  It is a 10×12 shed that is climate controlled to the best of my ability , but during Summer it gets quite warm.  I based my calculations on a great article mentioned above to gradually go from a ” full growth ” formula just after transplanting to a “full bloom ” formula over 5 stages of plant growth.  Feeding schedule does not go by time , but rather by cluster formation on the plants.  The more clusters that form , the more the feeding schedule moves toward a full bloom/fruiting nutrient solution.  There full instructions for making a 3 part or simpler nutrient solution on Daniel Fernandez’s Excellent site .  Reading all of the excellent instructions going from simple to complex solutions is HIGHLY recommended. WithoutHydroBuddy this would have been MUCH more complex !

All of the information needed to do this yourself , including where to by scales and chemicals is on Daniel’s

site !

The reasons for doing this are :

  1. Less expensive
  2. More control over nutrient delivery based on plant stages.
  3. More FUN !

My next plan is to incorporate solar power in the shed ( Currently in beginning stages )