Future Plans for Dave’s Hydroshed

Nutrient Solution


With the help of these two books by Howard Resh I hope to :

  • Optimize nutrient solution for plants at various stages.
  • Make my own nutrient solution.
  • Optimize feeding schedules

My goal is to make my shed a template that others can modify for their particular climate and needs.

I am always looking for ways to simplify growing methods so they will be easily reproduced.  I also intend to keep much more accurate notes on a daily basis.  I hope to be able to produce charts on the amount of harvest per plant so an accurate assessment can be made as far as how many plants per person are needed etc.  I am currently learning about nutrient solutions and their individual components . I can’t wait to share what I learn and learn from others doing the same thing !

Hydroshed v2.0

Cucumber, peppers
My new Hydro Shed layout . Worked on this after work for the last 3 days . Proud that it was made with my own hands ! 

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I took pictures during construction and will share how I put it together once I have tested the system.  I will add 8 more Dutch Buckets in the next week or so and planning on using those for tomatoes and cucumbers . This is a relatively simple system.  The buckets are filled from the top and as the nutrient solution drains from the bottom it is returned to the nutrient reservoir to be pumped through the fill line again.  This is a recirculating system.